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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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click william and kate's engagement party. there they are coming. in okay. there theyre. oh -- >> bret: oh dear, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. n. see you tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> they are grabbing and groping and prodding pretty aggressively. >> they have to squeeze your breast and twist them. >> makes me not look forward to my flight. >> bill: will the federal government cave and change the stringent security situation. president obama taking a beating in the polls over the issue. we will discuss it with airport security chief john pistole. >> what are you. >> they killed us on 9/11. >> no. oh my god! >> bill: whoopi goldberg enters the no spin zone for the first time since the muslim
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controversy erupted. >> that is [bleep] >> bill: and north korea attacks south korea. charles krauthammer on whether this is a big deal. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. happy thanksgiving. let me pat you down. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memos. new zogby poll says president obama's approval rating now 39%. first time the president has fallen below the dreaded 40% line. and there is no question the airport security mess is hurting the president. according to a new abc news poll, 64% of americans do support the use of body scanning machines, but, 50% of us say the patdown option, goes too far.
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the poll aside, people who fly often are furious, once again the national problem is vexing the obama administration. scenes like this 3-year-old being patted down by security agent whipping up frenzy. especially in the conservative community. you would think the opposite that right wingers would want stringent security and left incorporators would -- wingers would be opposed. it is the opposite with many left wing pundits defending the chaos. >> there is this minor inconvenience people going through. not ideal we should fix it people getting very upset about something that's not that big of deal. >> i mean, this has to be done. i mean, i'm sorry that it's intrusive and i'm very sorry that people are insulted but, you know, the alternative is that we risk something. >> what does it say about us as a culture that we get more bent out of shape about this issue than we do about massive unemployment. >> i hate to even think about what happens if the government caves in on this and relaxes
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these procedures and someone manages to get something on board a plane. >> bill: it's interesting, isn't it? why is the left on board with the intrusive security? talking points does not like to speculate but i do think it has to do with the defending president obama. i just can't think of anything else. remember, the left opposed nearly all the bush anti-terror programs, everything. and now we're okay with body scanning and patdowns? a few years ago liberals were screaming, screaming about the new york city police randomly checking packages on the subways so. this is an amazing turn of events, is it not? as we said yesterday, the solution to the problem is random selection, putting some passengers through the body scanners but not opie and aunt be. they are not a threat. while some will scream profiling, this is about efficiency. remember, since the airport security systems have been installed after 9/11, not one terrorist has been apprehended inside a u.s. airport. not one.
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so, three cheers for random. let's get rid of the universal intrusion. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, we're pleased to have the head of the transportation security administration john pistole joining us from reagan international airport in washington. so, mr. pistole, i'm glad you are there to keep an eye on if there is anybody getting goosed. do you know what i'm talking about? >> well, good evening, bill. that's quite an introduction and thank you for that. we are here to make sure that the passengers are getting on their planes safely, get home to grandma and the turkey and just make sure that everything is working safely. >> bill: grandma is not home. she is in the back room having to take off her slippers. grand that is not home yet. come on, you know that americans are getting angrier and angrier about that you know that. the reason is it doesn't make sense to put everybody through this process. the full body scan and if they opt out the patdown. you know that. am i wrong? >> well, of course, bill. we use a risk-based approach
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which is constantly evolving, trying to use the best intelligence and information we have hopefully informed as we were with the yemen cargo plot. saudi intelligence gave us that information on tracking numbers. that's the specific credible intelligence that we always longed for but as you know we rarely, if ever, have. and so that's the challenge. how do we apply the best risk-based approach. >> bill: i think 100% of americans agree with your statement that it is the federal government's obligation to do whatever it can to keep us safe. all right? that's not what's at issue here. it's how you do it. how do you it. i submit to you that you guys could come up with a better way. so my question is, are you going to change anything? >> what we're doing, bill, is going back and looking at the covert testing that was done. looking at all the intelligence, the forensics of the devices,
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both used in the cargo plots and trying to see is there a less intrusive means of accomplishing the same outcome. >> bill: you are looking at the problem to try -- >> -- sure. >> bill: get it into a zone where you you don't have americans feeling that their rights are being violated, that their physical body is being violated. >> we're constantly looking at that bill. how do we best apply that intelligence and -- >> bill: look, i'm a guy who has flown his whole life. i don't like this stuff. it's inconvenient but i understand it? >> sure. >> bill: but you have changed it. you have have upped it it's now upped, all right? you have the old machines, they worked. all right? we didn't have anybody apprehended as i said, nobody. all right? no bombs, nothing. the old machines worked. all of a sudden, you have got the super naked machine. all right? now, is it worth it to upgrade from the machines that worked to the super naked machine? >> well, three times now you have said the old machines worked. they didn't work, bill. that's what. >> bill: wait, wait, wait.
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what do you mean they didn't work? >> the old machines walk through metal detectors don't work on nonmetallic devices as you saw on 12/25. >> bill: the underwear guy had a device and he started in holland. >> can he go through walk through metal detector. is he not going to -- thorough pat down. >> bill: he had a device that the old machines couldn't pick up. but the new machines can pick this device up, correct. >> that's right. yes, that's why we are doing that. >> bill: is there anything else that can pick up this guys besides this big body scan. >> a thorough patdown. >> bill: a thorough patdown. but a thorough patdown means you get into people's private parts and that's where you get the problem. >> and that's the challenge that we face that we have had all this discussion about. how do we best balance the security and the privacy in each individual situation? you may feel perfectly comfortable about going through a body scanner or -- through a patdown. your producer may not want to do
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that. >> bill: how to accomplish the same thing with random selection. not universal. >> well, assuming our random hits the terrorist as opposed to the person that we do not do randoms on. >> bill: you know that elderly women and 3-year-olds are not going to be terrorists, do you not. >> well, i know there is a 64-year-old man and 64-year-old woman overseas in the last five years who have been suicide bombers. so, yeah, everybody can say there are no grandma's. >> bill: i'm talking about elderly people. and also the profile and i hate to use that word because i know you don't like it. where they come from, who they are. >> sure. >> bill: what their credit history is. all of that is in your data bank, mr. pistole. >> we have a lot of information, intelligence, from all our sister agencies. >> bill: yeah. throonchts. >> through the intelligence community. we use a lot of information. we don't advertise that because we don't want to provide a road map to the terrorists. >> bill: you have the info to do the random stuff rather than the universal stuff. >> if it's intelligence-based
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then it's not random. we do use random unpredictable screenings both at checkpoints and at the gate. so we have tried to do all those things in those layers of security. appreciate your interest. >> bill: thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. next on the run down colmes and crowley why the left is on board with the airport security deal. later, whoopi goldberg intefers the no spin zone.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight as we told you on the talking points memo many on the left are fine with the full body scanner machines and intrusive patdowns at the airport. why? here now alan colmes and monica crowley. are you surprised that the lefties are on board with. this not surprised. you have a far left president so suddenly they have decided all these kinds of intrusive actions are okay. do you remember during the bush years after 9/11, bill, the left went bananas over every single thing president bush did to try to keep us safe. indefinite detention and patriot act. they went raze crazy. everything was a violation of your privacy or civil rights emergency. now, you actually have a civil rights emergency and the left is stone cold quiet. >> bill: i sigh it as a vials of -- i see it as a violation of your privacy. >> you don't think having to
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have an agent armed looking at full of god's glory a violation of your civil rights? >> bill: i don't know about that. >> you must have -- >> bill: look, i understand the intrusion. is it unconstitutional with the supreme court rule it's unconstitutional? i don't think so. now, colmes, you objected as ms. crowley -- dr. crowley pointed out to almost every bush anti-terror program, you yourself did. >> that's right. why am i scanned when i come in here? >> bill: why am i scanned? >> a full body scan. i don't think it's necessary. i think you know me by now. >> bill: you know why you are scanned? guys want some giggles. >> fine. >> bill: don't play that game with me, colmes, you get slapped down every time. >> very funny. >> bill: you objected to every anti-terror thing but now you are on board. >> i'm not on board and neither is the left. >> bill: you don't like this. >> no. i don't agree with your premise that the left this big monolithic entity.
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>> bill: i could gave you four i could have given you 10. >> who is. >> bill: "time" magazine pinhead. lauer. >> barn kel is not liberal. >> bill: do you know barnacle? >> no. >> bill: he just ha h. a heart attack you didn't think he is liberal. >> how about the aclu? >> bill: they don't like it and that's true. there are plenty on the left who are okay with this. >> not really. >> bill: the aclu hasn't said anything in a press conference or anything. >> what the ac is doing is taking people's reports. >> bill: do you know what they did? we don't like it. >> no. wait, wait. >> bill: you are trying. >> you are trying to make the case that the left -- you are wrong. >> had the bush administration did this about this the aclu would be screaming from the mountain tops and demanding the a block in this show to -- president bush. they put out a very weak kneed statement about. this you are wrong to paint the liberals this way. >> bill: why do you object to
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the body scan? >> it doesn't make us safer. it's expensive. >> bill: what would do you. >> exactly what we have been doing. every time we think. >> bill: you heard mr. pistole say the guy, the underwear bomber we could not have seen that bomb with the old stuff. >> he didn't get on a plane in the united states. >> bill: doesn't matter. pistole says and this is a good point, couldn't have stopped him if he got on the plane in toledo. >> that's right. that is why i don't think these scans do a great job. there is no sense. >> bill: now you can but before you can't. >> maybe not. but whatever it is we do, they will find ways around it. i don't think this makes us safer. it's a false sense of security. at what point does the -- american people finally saying enough is enough. >> bill: why do you object to it? >> i actually agree with him on his last point it doesn't make us safer. what we have done since 9/11 is always fight the last war. the last attempted terrorist attack on board an aircraft was christmas day bomber and he has explosives in his underwear. now we go through whole expensive violating exercise of putting everybody through
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machines to try to look at underwear bombs. >> bill: believe old machines can't find that kind of device. >> that may be true, bill. the tastes are 10 steps ahead of us. >> bill: they have another one. >> right. >> they will find another way to get around it or attack news a different way. we need to be smarter about. this we need to be going ba about this instead of putting everybody and their momma through these machines, we need to be doing behavioral profiling. more efficient. >> bill: good debate. i want you both to be having a happy thanksgiving. they will both be spending it together. i'm not kidding. you can imagine that table. >> there will be dry cleaning afterwards. >> bill: directly ahead, miss whoopi goldberg enters the no spin zone. get ready we'll be back as the factor across the u.s.a. and all around the world. ç@going "ahh..
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, we are pleased to have actress and talk show host whoopi goldberg join us today. she is the author of the big best seller "is it just me or is it nuts out there?" which we'll discuss in a moment one of the nuts. ms. goldberg may be referring to is me. >> never. >> what are you talking about. >> they killed us on 9/11. >> no. oh my god. that is [bleep] >> bill: muslims didn't kill us on 9/11? is that what you are saying? >> extremists did that. >> what religion was mr. mcvey? mr. mcvey was an extremist as well. >> bill: 70% -- >> i don't want to sit here now. i'm done. >> bill: you are outraged about muslims killed us on 9/11? >> bill: all right. here is what i want to know, here what did you guys say about
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me after i left? >> actually, you know. >> bill: come on, what did you say? >> you know, i said. >> bill: yeah? >> i thought that you did not realize how hurtful. >> bill: you said that on the air but i mean off the air when you guys were back. >> i said the same stuff off the air. >> bill: were you cursing me off? >> no, no. i heard myself say the "b" word. i had to get up. >> bill: i know. bs you were saying. >> i had to get up my child. >> bill: that was a good transition for me the situation. that's why we love "the view." >> yes. >> bill: after i left. you and joy, were you guys mad at me. >> no. no because sometimes -- at least for me, i know that if i cross the line, which i crossed, because i heard myself say something i had no business saying. >> bill: had you to did get out of there. >> i had to get out. you know. >> bill: i said muslims killed us on 9/11, i was surprised that
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you and ms. behar reacted the way you did because it is a fact that that happened. and i did not mean by stating that fact to imply anything negative about people who believe in islam. i just was saying that 70% of the nation doesn't want the mosque near ground zero because they feel it's inappropriate site. >> i understand that bill. >> bill: i'm glad you understand that. >> but the phraseology that you used when you say muslims killed us. >> bill: is that not a fact. >> that imply when you say make it a blanket statement like that mohammed ali. >> bill: do you really think that i think mohammed ali and kareem abdul jabbar were involved. >> i don't worry about what you think. >> bill: did anybody think so? >> yes. >> bill: really? do you think people think mohammed ali are involved. >> they remember is he a muslim. muslims killed us. you are a really great showman. you are a great guy to talk to, but sometimes i think you give yourself less credit, which is
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shocking, i know, than you think. but i do believe -- >> bill: i don't think there is one person who would take it that way. >> i do. but that's all right. >> bill: do you believe in the world, we have a muslim problem? >> no. i think we have a terrorist problem. >> bill: okay. so you don't believe we have a muslim problem. would you agree with me that if all the good muslims, and i think they overwhelm the bad muslims, okay? >> um-huh. >> bill: would cooperate with the west, with the united states and nato and other countries that we wouldn't have a terrorist problem? for example, if pakistan would cooperate with the united states, we wouldn't have the taliban problem in afghanistan. we would defeat them? >> that would all be great if that's how it worked. >> bill: but that's how it works. >> but it isn't how it works. because, if you recall, think of it this way, that crazy gentleman, i take that back because that's rude, the gentleman that said he was going to burn the koran, that got played all around the world. >> bill: you mean the nut down in florida. >> i'm not going to say that. >> bill: i will. you will diverting attention. >> no i'm not listen to my
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point. >> bill: all right. go ahead. >> so all the people who he are watching around the world saying america feels like that so americans. >> bill: i disagree. i don't think that muslims think that everybody is like that crazy guy. i don't believe that but let's get back to pakistan. pakistan. >> no, no. bill, bill. >> bill: we could win that. >> do you think that the people in pakistan, the people who live in pakistan, the poor people, the people who don't have any say, you think they don't want help to help the west? >> bill: a lot of them don't. the madrassa -- do you know what a madrassa is? >> no, i don't. >> bill: madrassa is a school that teaches islamic jihad there are madrassas all over the world. they teach 4 and 5-year-old kids to hate people. >> bill, that may be true. >> bill: it is true. >> it may be true. i can't prove it. >> bill: i can. >> you have clearly been to them and i will take your word for it. but that does not change the fact that when you paint all muslims with one brush, it's bad. >> bill: i'm not painting all
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muslims with one brush. >> when you say muslims killed us and don't specify. it's like whenever i see black men coming down the street, i'm scared. that's the same -- >> bill: do you have a problem in history when you were taught about world war ii that japanese attacked us? do you have a problem with that. >> i have a problem with that. >> bill: do you? >> yeah. >> bill: but they attacked us? >> the japanese. >> bill: attacked us. >> army attacked us. >> bill: the air force did. >> you understand my point? >> bill: no, i don't. because i think you are cutting the hair so thin. we have a muslim problem in the world in the sense that 90% of the terrorism. >> we disagree. >> bill: come from that area. >> what do you mean 90% of the terrorists -- terrorists are from everywhere. they are white. no predominantly they are muslim. >> right now. >> bill: that's what we are talking about. >> right now everybody can say the muslims are the terrorists two. years ago it was the white people that were the terrorists.
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>> bill: what white people? >> oh, wasn't it white people that blew up oklahoma city? >> bill: two of them. >> what about all the folks it's like saying crime is white is black. >> we disagree. >> bill: i just want to be clear. >> it's okay. >> bill: we have to have these discussion. >> we must have these discussions. >> bill: i want to be give you the last word on this. i will get to your book. i believe there is a muslim problem in this world. that's what i was trying to give 70% feel the way i do. they thought it was inappropriate to make a muslim community center that close to ground zero. that was my point. >> i understood your point. what did i not understand and i will just reiterate it again because. >> bill: i just left out the word terrorist. >> yes. because in this day and age when kids are getting their butts kicked because they are muslim. >> bill: not so much. >> bill refresh your recollection kidding me? >> bill: new study today jews in america are far more likely to
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be persecuted than muslims, just came out today. >> i'm sure that someone believes that but i believe that in neighborhoods where they don't want muslims they beat up kids. >> bill: it doesn't happen much ms. goldberg. >> what is this bull [bleep] about ms. goldberg. >> bill: i take your point that you don't want any any group singled out take your point. >> all right. >> bill: we have more whoopi in a moment. according to her book, she is finding society kind of annoying these days. centers around me. also the dream act, is it compassionate towards illegal aliens or stealth amnesty. is it legal has been investigating and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: is it just me or is it nuts out there. now we have common ground. you and me in my book pinheads and patriots i write that the internet the rise of the machines is really impacted particularly younger people,
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younger americans in a way that's both good and bad pick up that theme in your book saying it's caused all kinds of behavioral problems. >> yeah, i think it has. i think it has. the idea that you and i can get into heated spirited discussion is a lot more fun than reading anonymous blurbs communicate with them. i don't understand. this because of it. because people don't have to talk back and forth some of them don't know how to talk. they don't know how who zecket you can be amonday news. you and i we're from the same generation. when we went out to the streets. if you didn't like somebody. >> that's right. >> bill: it was you and that person. you either worked it out or there was a little strife. now you can hide in your basement and say the most awful things about people. >> horrifying things.
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and they don't even have to be true. >> bill: of course you can make them up and that's why the children are being bullied. not on the play grounds but on the internet. and some president obama problems. is there a solution to that? >> i think that there is but it's a time consuming one. you know. and we have become instant generation. i think parents actually have to keep in touch with what's going on with their kids on the emails. it's not about being -- >> bill: you have to spy then. >> you have to say to your kids like our parents said to us. this is what we are doing. >> bill: have to say look, i'm going to check your email whether you like it or not. >> there wasn't a discussion. >> bill: one of the things that before the rise of the internet but it was almost coincided that i felt was very pernicious and you probably discussed this on theview was with guys like ludacris and these people, elm eminem just putting out music that younger people like which was so based violent,
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discriminatory. now they justify that's what's going on in the streets. i think that's headquarter whole generation of americans that kind of entertain the. am i wrong. >> i don't know if you are wrong. i don't feel the same way. i think that it's always people our age which were our parents before us and their parents before them always thought that the music of young people was based on violent, awful and terrible. you know, and as we have gotten more progressive in what we allow on television and in ads, it goes along with everything else. >> bill: but if you're going to object to the internet and i'm with you there and the base -- anonymous smears that come out of it, all right, why are you giving rappers who are demeaning women and gays and all kinds of people, why are you giving them a pass? it's the same kind of stuff. >> i'm not giving them a pass. i know who it is. i can can walk up to them and say what are you doing? >> bill: you can't wake up to them because they live in gated mansions with 50 security guards. >> bill, can i.
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let's be real here. >> bill: you can scold them but they don't care what you say. >> that's not necessarily true. if you have been listening to the music, there has been a ark and lot of changes. the musicians themselves and their parents have said so them what the hell are you doing? we -- what are you doing i didn't arrange it like this. >> bill: you think the shift is happening. damage has been done by entertainment industry. look at elvis and the beatles and compare them to what's going on now, come on, it's not in the same universe. >> but you know, bill, that's what our grandparents said. it's the same thing. >> bill: there is a truth line. >> truth for that generation. but for my generation the beatles and rolling stones were considered, you know, dirty, filthy dirty and nasty. >> bill: did they kill anybody? >> i don't know. did they? they sure got arrested though. >> bill: smoking pot. >> there you go. everybody has got their stuff. >> bill: final question, in your book, you know, you are lamenting that our culture is
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not as classy as it could be. do you believe, do you believe that the entertainment industry has contributed to that. >> no. you know ohio blame more than anybody? >> bill: parents? >> us. all of us. >> bill: all americans? >> all of us. because when you go down the street and you look and you see this gorgeous model in the itty-bitty victoria secret and her bust is hanging out and lips are like that you think wow, when that become allowed? when was that okay? because it's not a time thing. it doesn't like come on at 7:00. you know. we accept things. we have accepted a lot of things. we accepted that people don't need to have facts. that facts are no longer necessary. >> bill: so we're all a part of the problem? >> i think so. i think so. >> bill: very provocative book. whoopi, it was very fun and i'm sure the audience feels the same way. >> i hope. so i will see you
5:36 am
soon. >> bill: say hello to joy for me. >> i will. >> bill: when we come right back, is it legal on possible back door amnesty for illegal aliens and a legal victory for sarah palin. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. is it legal segment tonight. dream act allowing those serves in the military or go to college. some say this is a big con. here now attorneys and fox news legal analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. wiehl, what's the objection to the dream act. >> lots of objections. the first is it's supposed to be for illegal alien's children, minors. and if this act would go up, depending on version which version you read three or four of them up to the age of 3 a or 40. that's the first one. the second one is that there is a safe harbor for criminal aliens, people here illegally
5:40 am
and then commit crimes beyond that. >> bill: tell me what that safe harbor. >> safe harbor once you apply under the dream act you can't be kicked out of the country while the application is being processed. >> bill: no matter what you do. >> no matter what you have done. >> bill: once you apply military or college two criteria. >> under 16 when you came to this country. lived here five years consecutively and you have got to go to college. >> bill: get on the road. >> yes. >> bill: say you are out of the military, you resign or whatever, then you commit a crime but you have already applied they can't kick you out. >> can't kick you out. >> bill: that's insane. >> that's the problem. that's why they are saying this is something that incentivises illegality and encourages people to essentially seek an amnesty by saying sure. >> bill: why don't they take that part out and say okay if your parents took you here and you are here five years and you went into the military and i don't even know how you you get in the military if you are illegal alien. i guess can you get a phony i.d. i know how you get into college because california pays your tuition.
5:41 am
strip all the stuff out, all the nonsense that you can't kick somebody out, would you go for this? >> i would if you could strip all those things out. >> bill: would you go for it. >> no, i would not. i also feel there are so many different versions of this. >> you have to have the one version. >> bill: harry reid will deliver one version. >> that's not going to be the one that passes. >> bill: then we will oppose it. >> 52 votes before it failed. >> bill: say i wrote it and it was stripped down of all the nonsense, kids taken here. >> right. >> bill: trying to do the right thing. military, college, would you. >> i think that would get support. because i also feel good moral character should be in there. >> one other thing you might have take that out once you apply and you are accepted you can bring your whole family in. that's another problem. >> bill: bring the whole family in 87,000 people. >> that's a whole another problem. >> bill: sarah palin sued gawker internet site not very nice because they -- par lioned part of her book. >> they want to be the first to get it out there. also unkind in their comments to
5:42 am
her in saying that she should learn the law except that they are able to use it they say fair use doctrine. however, the court disagreed with them and imposed a temporary sanction injunction against that. >> bill: had to take it counsel counsel -- down from their web site. why did the court do that? the book wasn't out yet, released. somebody throws it up there. >> harper collins sued and based on copyright infringement say it didn't fall under fair use doctrine. >> bill: because it wasn't out yet. as soon as it's out they can throw t. >> exactly. because it will become a moot point. you have to have this legal precedent going forward and they relied heavily on a previous harper's case involving nixon and ford and saying that, in fact, there portions of the book that were released that it didn't apply fair use wasn't appropriate. >> fair use means fair use. that means you can't take -- they said 10% of her book. >> bill: stole it and put it on the internet. >> you can't do that. >> bill: they don't have to pay a fine or anything.
5:43 am
they just had to take it down. >> who knows, maybe. if she has damages. if she can prove damages. >> bill: that's going to be hard. >> and if she proceeds further. >> bill: settle. more than a billion dollars to african-american farmers that has been okay, right, wiehl. >> for the second time. the first case was brought in 1999 by a group. >> bill: this is the shirley sherrod grownchts class action group in 1999. >> bill: they want some money. what essentially is the beef, wiehl? i don't want to get too technical, i know you went to harvard. what is the beef? >> we're only technical at harvard, right? >> 1999 and before that, these farmers, african-american farmers applied for loans for farms. >> bill: they didn't get them. >> but here's the thing. they didn't get it the government never denied that it discriminated against these african-american farmers. >> bill: you are sitting there telling me that black farmers applied for government loans, and the government said hey, you know, you are black, i'm not going to give you the money. >> of course they didn't say that. they miraculously lost a lot of the paperwork when they went to trial. look, the government never said that they didn't discriminate.
5:44 am
they tried to settle with these 400 african-americans before that. >> bill: what's really going on here? is it just bureaucratic inincompetence? is that what's going on here. >> shockingly yes. still in 2010 trying to correct the situation part of an investigation called for by president clinton to investigate this to say we need to make these separations. >> bill: who gets the more than a billion taxpayer dollars. >> which we don't have. >> bill: award it to the farmers. >> correct. >> bill: who gets it? >> now this class action is up to 70,000. they get it the 70,000 people in that class action. >> bill: 70,000 black farmers. i understand some of them are not farmers. >> want to be black farmers. >> bill: they want to be but they are not exactly. couldn't get a loan to be. >> or might be foreclosed. >> bill: might be lawyers now but they wanted to be farmers. >> one of them brought it. >> bill: now part of the cast. >> i wanted to be a farmer in
5:45 am
199' nobody give me known now i want my money. >> over a billion. >> bill: $13 trillion in debt now you know why. ladies, thank you very much. north korea attacking south korea. charles krauthammer has thoughts. also weigh in on the airport mess. mess. crawt krauthammer is i'm hugh jidette. i'm running for president. if elected promise our 13 trillion dollar debt will double, maybe even triple. i'll continue to ignore our spiraling
5:46 am
i'm hugh jidette and i say borrow like there's no tomorrow.
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight as fox news has been reporting all day north korea fired artillery shells at south korean troops remote island in the yellow sea. two south korean marines were killed. joining us from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. charles, is this a big deal? >> well, it's always a big deal when the loaniest regime on the planet is shooting artillery into an ally of ours. now what's happening here is in part a crisis.
5:49 am
this is a country if you lose out on a power struggle you don't go home to plains, georgia and write your memoirs they shoot you and starve your family. this is a ruling elite trying to show it's still in control even as the head guy is dying. secondly, it's also extortion. this is a shakedown. this is a regime with a population is literally starving. they want aid. correctly the obama administration and japan and south korea have shut off all aid as response to the last sanctions of the u.n. they are desperate for aid. this is a way of saying you better help us or we're going to make trouble. >> bill: basically doing what they always do they threaten the world in some way, then the world comes in and says calm down and we will give you this, that, and the other thing. same old shake down. however, there is one more element here. this is the second time that north korea has attacked south korea. not going to be a third. if they do it again, south korea aided by the united states is going to strike back. do you agree with that? >> i don't think so.
5:50 am
i think south korea has always had a strategy of wait out the regime. it's so irrational. the economy is so nonfunctional, the people are starving. if you wait them out without a new war, eventually the regime has to collapse. >> bill: the south korean people you think they will sit through another attack? i don't think so. >> they have sat for attack after attack going back 15, 20 years. this always happens especially it flares up during succession unless there is a major invasion. i don't see the south koreans having incentive to restart the korean war over a few artillery rounds. >> bill: i understand that but air strikes and things like that could absolutely happen. i think they will if they do it again. let's turn our attention as we talked at the top of the program with mr. pistole about the increasing problem at the airports. now, you wrote a column on it. and you think the whole thing is pretty much absurd, correct?
5:51 am
>> everybody does. anybody who stands in the t.s.a. line, i'm sure do you in the rare occasions when you have to fly commercial. [ laughter ] looks around and knows that 85% of the people who are being patted down, having -- all of that, 85% at the minimum are ridiculous. they are old ladies, they are children, they are young women with families. what we ought to do is to do what the israelis do. which is you start to ask a couple of questions. you don't profile by appearance or by race. because, after all, you have nigerian saudi arabians, south asians. it's a question, i mean, we know that the overwhelming majority of people who are subject to this intrusive inspection, you and i know are absolutely 100% not a danger. here's the problem, bill. it's like arms control. you worry about the weapon stead of the regime. the problem is not the weapon. it's the terrorist. we have to find the person, not the object.
5:52 am
>> bill: sometimes that's impossible. i mean, sometimes they slip through. but, look, my thing and i said in talking points is random. you can have these full body scans or the patdowns but you use them randomly and use it based on selective information as you say aunt bee and opie, they go through, right? >> exactly. >> bill: just the random. you know, not one terrorist has been caught in 10 years with all of this stuff not one. they never stopped anybody because the terrorists basically say we're not going to do it because it's too risky. that's what's going on. they do it in holland or some place like that. they don't do it here. i will give you the last word. >> the other place is israel where they do not look for the object. they ask you questions. they don't profile by race but by behavior. if your passport is stamped to iraq, saudi arabia, young, flying alone, then they take you aside. that's how we ought to do it and not have these overwhelming majority of obviously innocent americans humiliated at the
5:53 am
inspection lines. >> bill: okay. charles, happy thanksgiving. thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck the royal wedding maniaxox
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring prince william and kate middle ton in a moment. but first, thank you to everybody who has gone into the christmas store on bill o'reilly do the. our gear flying out of here. we are able to give big donations to fine charities like the best friends
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foundation. and our military organizations. we are keeping prices low because we know the times are tough. if you buy a copy of pinheads and patriots i will sign them for you, personalize, sign it, whatever you want, you get three gifts free. great tote bag. copy of lis wiehl's book. and the bumper sticker. our best deal ever. hope you check it out over the thanksgiving weekend. now the mail. >> tsa is short for thousands standing around. >> bill, how about a new bumper sticker. don't tsa me bro! i like it. >> americans have short memories. a police officer who worked the day of the 9/11 attack i wonder how many aboard those doomed planes would have objected to being scanned. >> the tsa will never use
5:56 am
random searches because of the profiling issue. >> come on bill, president carter is more than misguided he's demonstrating a particular passive aggressive, vicious proclivity. wow. >> beck cannot hold a candle next to jimmy carter. >> juan williams is right. the far left believes president obama can defeat sarah palin because she will be painted as a far right nut job by the media. >> bernie goldberg is wrong. "the new york times" is greatly diminished in influence. fox news is now far more powerful. >> bill, bernie's credibility is not in dispute. we know fox news is successful. branding it as the most powerful news agency is wrong.
5:57 am
no it's not. >> o'reilly, got tickets to see you and beck december 3rd. we have to drive hundreds of miles, but feel it is worth it. we'll make sure it is guys. we will make sure the trip is worth it. see you there on december 3rd. >> bill, i thought my island was more fair and balanced last week. thanks for vacationing here. >> you're welcome i had a blast. >> mr. o, may i wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. i hope you guys have a great day across the pond as well. >> it is lost on me but the upcoming royal wedding is apparently a very big deal. >> breaking news, mark your calendars. april 29th, westminster abbey. the official date and location of prince william and kate middleton's wedding just announced.
5:58 am
>> abc news has confirmed kate middleton and prince william will marry april 29th. >> save the date, friday april 29th, westminster abbey. we'll go live to buckingham palace for all the royal details and the latest on what is being called the wedding of the century. >> so is all this royal wedding business pinheaded or patriotic? please vote on >> last nightbff we showed youa new product where you can put anybody in this position. 68% believe in gift is pinheaded. 32% say it is patriotic. there you go. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off from anywhere in the world at o'reilly atlanta do not -- do not be a
5:59 am
misanthrope when writing us to. please remember the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. it feels like tgif, doesn't it? it's wednesday and tomorrow is a holiday. today is november 24th, one of the busiest travel days of the year. it's called opt day this year. will the controversy bring airport security lines to a halt? we're live at some of the country's busiest airports oochltd auto everyday americans not the only ones fed up. one congressman wants everyone grounded. >> eventually have to boycott the airlines or whatever or throw the bums out. >> rand paul has a plan to fight the tsa. >> and bristol palin held her nd


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